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Your Grape of the Week: Aglianico


Aglianico is a red grape from the Basilicata area of Italy: the top of the arch of the "boot." It is the grape used to make some distinctly different and delicious wines: Aglianico Del Vulture; Aglianico Del Taburno; Taurasi; and Campania. These are the main wines made from this grape.

Aglianico produces dark colored wines with a heavy body. They are typically high in acid. On the nose, wines made from Aglianico yield deep, dark fruits ranging from blackberry, black cherry, black raspberry and spiced plum. Aged, cured meat, white pepper, baking spices, tobacco and smoke are other common aromas found in these wines as well. 

On the palate, Aglianico wines yield fruit flavors ranging from pomegranate, raspberry, red plums, blackberry, and figs.

These wines pair well with just about anything Italian. They can also be paired with steaks, lamb and venisons.

I've had the pleasure of sharing a version of these wines, (Caselle D'Angelo's Aglianico Del Vulture), with some friends over dinner at one of our local Italian restaurants. It is one of the very best wines I have ever enjoyed. 

I strongly suggest that if you have not yet tried an Aglianico wine, that you do so as soon as possible. 

They can range in price from $20-$30 on the low end, and go as high as $80-$150 on the high end. 

The Caselle D'Angelo Aglianico Del Vulture that I had was the 2004 vintage, and it retailed for $93.

Until next week... Cheers!