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    Howdy again! Thanks for coming back. Welcome to “Grape of the Week." I know some of you are not real big fans of White wines, but, Spring is upon us and ... ‘tis the season for White wines. I have decided to start off with the most popular, most widely planted White varietal of all, Chardonnay....
    March 7, 2018
    Hello again. This week we are going to sample brand new wines. These are wines that I have never tried before, and they were an interesting mix. So let’s get started and break down these new wines. First up is a Chardonnay that comes from Monterey County’s Salinas Valley. The Long Valley...
    Hello! Hello! Hello! And a great big Happy New Year to all of you Wine Old Owl watchers out there! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve graced you with my wine picks and their descriptions, but it has been a very (very) slow start to this year. You folks really took the “Dry January” seriously...
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