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Wines on my Thanksgiving table

"Wine is Sunlight held together by Water" ~ Galileo Galilei

Your wine selection can transform your Thanksgiving table. Here are two of my picks for the best turkey dinner you'll ever have (unless, of course, you're having toast and popcorn):

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I was introduced to this wine about ten years ago, it's been one of my favorites ever since. On the nose you get hints of apple, lemon, vanilla and a little bit of sweet oak.

On the palate, you instantly get apple and peach with a little bit of citrus. This wine has a soft, smooth and creamy mouth feel, with a long finish of fruit and some sweet oak. This pairs nicely with oven roasted, white meat turkey that has been basted with Rosemary butter.

Price range: $27-$34

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I tried this wine about five years ago out of curiosity. The description of "red fruit notes in full mouth feel" with "a little bit of spice" was intriguing to me. The wine did not disappoint.

On the nose you are instantly greeted with an aroma of red fruit notes of raspberry, strawberry, and cherry blended together to produce an exquisite bouquet, with just a hint of baking and wood spices thrown in. On the palate, you get luscious red fruit notes and soft, well-rounded tannins that give the wine a medium to medium-plus body. The wine finishes velvety smooth with luscious fruit and a wisp of oak. It pairs beautifully with the same oven roasted turkey, prepared and basted with Rosemary butter.

Price range: $38-$46